Tim's Bio

Tim began his love of art through music, working behind the scenes in audio production, he learned to pay attention to the subtle details in what he was hearing. While helping his husband launch his art career, Tim began his journey of learning how to see!

Tim working on Drawing

Art is a journey of understanding and seeing. Too often in today’s world, we focus on accomplishments and hide behind facades created by our clothing. Stripped bare we begin to see who we are and can focus on who we want to become. The human form is complex and beautiful, Tim has always been drawn to the male form and uses his medium to highlight heavenly lines and curves that are usually hidden from view.

   Self-taught and working both from photographs and in-person life models, Tim’s work has evolved over the last ten years to what you see today. If you would like to support his journey further you can find Original Art, Prints, as well as Wearable Art here.